Top 5 Funniest Youtube Videos Ever


Are you craving a good laugh but haven’t got a clue where to start? Well, you are in for quite the treat. Seeing as YouTube has a vast collection of content, it is quite easy to keep yourself entertained. There are tons of new and old videos that are sure to get you cracking up and gasping for air. Without much ado:

Anti-Social: A Modern Dating Horror Story

Nowadays, people meet up, and within minutes of knowing each other, they already have each other’s social network handles. It makes things easy, more so for stalkers. So when Sarah comes across a man who is perfect in all ways but one, she is in quite the dilemma. He meets all her standards but is not on social media. Thoughts run through her mind as she ponders on why anyone would want to be out of the social scene. Could he be a psycho? What on earth could he be hiding? This clip makes for a fascinating debate, and you will have a great time watching her freak out. Plus, it gives you an outlook as to modern relationships.

Amazon Echo SNL

Older generations love going on about how different they are from millennials. You have probably heard it too. You are lazy, clueless, unmotivated; the list goes on and on. This clip is quite interesting as it is somewhat a comeback to all the allegations towards this generation. It shows how the older generations approach technology with lots of hesitation, unsure of whether it is a good thing. If you have ever been the subject of criticism from the older peeps, here is your chance to get back at them. Be sure to show this to your mom the next time she talks about your terrible skills in the kitchen.

Threw it on the Ground- Andy Samberg

Now, if you want to spend a few minutes of your time wondering why someone could be so outrageous, this is the video for you. Andy acts as an antisocial nerd with a rage level that could wow even the angriest on this earth. And boy, does he have a thing for the system! Anything that reminds him of it is a threat. Seeing him act out and throw autographs on the ground will leave you reeling in laughter. Better hope you don’t meet such a character in person. How unpleasant that would be!

Brothers Convince Little Sister of Zombie Apocalypse

These brothers went to great lengths to ensure that their sister fell for the prank. First off, they recorded audio of the apocalypse before setting the scene on the road. Then they got their sister from the dentist. Thanks to the pain meds, she was quite vulnerable and believed what they told her what she saw and what she heard on the radio. Watch the whole thing from start to finish. It is unbelievable how great the prank worked!

Best TV News Bloopers Fails 2017

News bloopers are some of the best moments on TV. Having a collection of these is a sure way to break your ribs as you holler on into the night. From suspect’s sketches matching reporter’s features to tangling of words, there is a lot to tickle you in this clips. And the fails are fantastic!

Any other videos that should be on this list?