Top 5 Job Interview Questions


Preparing for an interview is all about having the right answers for the issues that will come your way. More often than not, people fail to move forward with the subsequent stages because they were unprepared for the torrents of queries that came their way and they thus stumbled, giving the wrong responses and thereby lost their chances at getting the opportunity. The good news is that the discussions are quite standard, and you will find that though some people make some changes to them, they are pretty much the same and with practice, you can wow everyone on the other side of the table. And it’s not about memorizing, but rather, it is about understanding what the company or person expects of you. Here goes:

“Why should we consider hiring you?”

Woman on job inteview

How can you assure someone that you are the right fit for the opportunity at hand? Do not be modest. However, being conceited is not the way to go either. Go with what you have to offer by being concise as to your abilities and being confident in your capability to deliver. An excellent way to do this would be by looking into your future roles and tailoring the responses in this regard.

“Tell me about yourself”

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If there is an issue that often throws people off balance, this is it. Even on a date, this is quite a tricky subject as you may be at a loss of where to start and how you should relate your answer to the opportunity. However, no matter how uncomfortable this may be, you need to be confident in your response and move along, giving bits of information that make you the ideal person for the job. You want to be moderate, without divulging too many personal details while not being mean with information. You can start with your hobbies as you move towards how and where you grew up and your motivations. The easiest way to go about this is through the present-past-future technique.

“What made you leave your last post?”

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The one way to go wrong here is to bash your current or past job or employer. Make it look like you are in search of other opportunities as opposed to leaving a bad work environment. People embrace positivity more than they do people who cast shade on previous work opportunities.

“What is your biggest weakness?”

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Answering your most significant strength is pretty easy as people have no issue with showcasing their prowess. But when it comes to being vulnerable, people are shaky. However, you can make this work in your favor by presenting strength as a weakness such as the need for perfection.

“Why do you want this opportunity?”

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Money is not the answer. The best way forward is to research about the company to understand its products, goals and other factors that contribute to its success. This information will help you in crafting an answer that shows that you are the best fit.

Remember, do not hesitate as confidence counts a whole lot in answering these questions.